Vote on Our Union Initial Bargaining Goals

In another important step in building our Postdoc union at UConn, we are proud to ask you to vote on our initial bargaining goals! Your continued participation is invaluable in efforts to secure improvements in our first-ever contract with the University.

Thanks to a supermajority of Postdocs who completed our bargaining survey, and based on feedback we’ve received from the very beginning of our unionization efforts, the Bargaining Committee has developed a broad set of bargaining goals for our first contract. The Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends your endorsement of these goals so that we can take a strong mandate into negotiations with the University. While we know we will have to make compromises along the way, it is important that we start with the broadest possible agenda incorporating all the concerns Postdocs have raised since we started organizing.

Read our bargaining agenda here!

Please e-mail us at uconnpostdocsunion[@] if you have not received your link to vote.

With participation and support from a strong majority of Postdocs across campus, we hope to improve the UConn Postdoc experience in ways that help us excel in our research, while also making the University more accessible, inclusive, and competitive by securing essential workplace protections and benefits such as: fair pay, professional development rights, affordable health benefits, paid parental and maternity leave, longer job appointments, stronger protections from sexual harassment, and more.

If you have questions about our bargaining goals or the process more generally, we will be available to answer your questions on Wednesday, October 3, ar 12:30pm in BioPharm (PBB) 303.

In solidarity,

UConn Postdoc Union, UAW Local 6950 Bargaining Committee