2023 Postdoc BC Elections


The postdoctoral researcher Bargaining Team shall consist of Executive Board Members from the unit and postdoctoral researcher Bargaining Team Representatives.

Five (5) postdoctoral researcher Bargaining Team Representatives shall be elected at large by the unit membership and will be elected to a (2) year term.

All unit members shall be eligible to run for Bargaining Team Representative positions.

Expected terminal date does not affect eligibility. If you are planning to leave your position before May 2025 but would like to serve for your remaining time, you are free to run for a position.


The Bargaining Team engages in regular communication with the membership. This includes:

(a)    Performing bargaining surveys before negotiations.

(b)    Presenting initial bargaining demands, the final contract, and the authority to invoke interest arbitration under state law to the membership for ratification.

(c)    Issuing reports on the conduct of each bargaining session (including all proposals made by management and by the Local Union, tentative agreements, and scheduled future bargaining sessions).

Additionally, the Bargaining Team decides democratically which members will engage in bargaining meetings, shuttling of proposals, and off-the-record communications with management.


Any Postdoc member may accept nomination.

To accept nomination to serve on the Bargaining Team you must send your acceptance in writing to the Elections Committee at: uconngeuelections@gmail.com

Acceptances must be received by email no later than Tuesday Aug 15, 2023 at 11:59 PM. The written statement of acceptance should state how the nominee wishes their name to appear on the ballot and the district in which they are accepting the nomination.


Members accepting nomination for Bargaining team representative may also submit a candidate statement (up to 500 words) that must be received by the nomination deadline of Tuesday Aug 15, 2023 at 11:59 PM  to the above address. Candidates may also submit a photo, which must have a square aspect ratio and be at least 200×200 pixels in resolution. In the case of contested positions, statements will be posted on the Local Union website no later than Wednesday Aug 16, 2023.


The elections for Bargaining team representatives will take place on  Aug 17- Aug 21, 2023. Voting will take place electronically and members will receive a link via email prior to the opening of the election.

A run-off election, if necessary, will be held on Monday, Aug 28, 2023.

For more information, contact the Elections Committee at uconngeuelections@gmail.com.