Majority of Postdocs Support Unionization + Lunch Social on Friday


Please join us on Friday (April 13) at 12-1PM, in the Pharmacy-Biology Building (PBB) Room 527 for a celebratory lunch to meet other postdocs and chat about our union. Food will be provided.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP here.


We have great news! The supermajority of postdocs at UConn have now signed cards to authorize the formation of our Postdoc Union. We thank the many of you who signed in support. We expect to submit our cards to the state labor board soon and will keep you updated in the coming month.

We are joining together to improve the postdoc experience at UConn and increase our political voice both on campus and nationally. UConn postdocs make essential contributions to the world-class research conducted at UConn, but we still struggle from the lack of secure, enforceable rights in the workplace. As the only non-union group of employees on campus, we face increasing uncertainty about our future benefits and working conditions, given the precarious nature of funding for UConn. International postdocs also face unstable visa regulations and work authorization in the current political climate. Having a union gives us a path towards alleviating these uncertainties and allows us all a voice to advocate for our employment conditions here at UConn.

You can find more information about how unionization helps our cause on our website.


If any new postdocs have joined your lab or department in recent months please let us know by emailing us here.  We’d like to hear input from them and bring them up-to-date on our unionization efforts.

If you would like to get involved or help out, we welcome new members to our Postdoc Union Organizing Committee. Fill out a get involved form here.

A huge win for our graduate student colleagues at UConn: Check out their Facebook post and congratulate them on their new contract tentative agreement!

We look forward to continuing to build our Union together.

From your colleagues on the UConn Postdoc Union Organization Committee.