Bargaining Committee Election Notice


(up to seven [7] positions)

August  26, 2018

Nominations are hereby declared open for the University of Connecticut Postdoctoral Researchers Union Bargaining Committee (up to seven [7] positions): All eligible Union supporters [any University of Connecticut Postdoctoral Research Associates who are currently employed by the university] who have signed a union authorization card are automatically nominated for the Bargaining Committee.

The bargaining committee will have up to seven members.

Any eligible Union supporter who wishes to accept the nomination for one of the seven (7) Bargaining Committee positions listed above may accept nomination by submitting in writing a statement of acceptance to the Recording Secretary of the Elections Committee no later than 5pm on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 by e-mail to

Go to our website for details about the responsibilities of bargaining committee members.

Candidate statements

Each candidate may write and submit a candidate statement of no more than 500 words. These statements will be posted on the postdoc union website if there are contested elections.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to submit the candidate statement. All candidate statements must be received by the time nominations close at 5pm on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, to the Recording Secretary of the Elections Committee at

Election Dates, Times and Locations

In the event that the number of eligible candidates who accept nomination for the specified position do not exceed the number of open positions (up to seven [7] positions), such candidates will be deemed elected by acclamation and no election will be held.

If more than seven people accept nomination, an election will be conducted with the top seven (7) vote getters being elected.

Elections would take place on Monday, September 17 at the following time and location.

Student Union Building, outside of the graduate student lounge, from 9am-5pm.

A run-off election, in an event of a tie for the seventh position, will be held on Monday, September 24, from 9am to 5pm. The location will be announced if necessary.